Computer Marvels has been running for 4 years, and our offices are based in North West London. We have 5 Reviews across the board.
Our team of professional tech guys work around the clock and are confident we can help fix your computer issues.

Are you looking for a computer repairs company in London ? are you looking for local IT support ? We provide a fast, flexible and very cost-effective computer health check up and computer repairs service in London for both home and small businesses.

Realising that convenience is important; we offer the option of both an onsite or pick-up and delivery service as part of our computer IT support london team, endeavouring to arrange a time to visit that suits you. With local references available on request, you can always be certain of a first class pc repair London wide. Our IT support London team does a professional job without any hassle or delays.

We can fix your computer nightmares. That’s why our clients love us !

Is your computer going slowly? Getting rid of unwanted programmes and tuning your computer is well worth doing to get things running smoothly again.

Is your computer crashing often? Are you getting the spinning carosel or blue screen of death? Get your computer checked out by one of our team.

If your files are not backed up and your have a drive with files on which is faulty, book a session with one of our team ASAP to avoid loosing data.

Are your kids running wild with the tech in your house? Book a session and get some solid tips and restrictions in place. Regain control over the familys internet and screen time.

We can upgrade mostly all systems with ram and hard drives to get your computers and laptops working alot better. Get in touch to find out more.

Do you have good Anti Virus software installed, up to date, and working? This is crucial to stop hackers from accessing your computer. Act now and get in touch.

Don’t be that person who didn’t backup your files and now has lost everything. Act today and contact us for helping in managing your crucial files and pictures. It’s alot easier than you may think.

Many people struggle to get there emails working in the best way, yet spend most of their time working on emails. We can help streamline your experience and get things working well so you can stay productive.


IT Support in London


We have worked for over 300 local residents and small businesses in North West London.

Always There For You

Get in touch today and meet our team of experts.


We charge a small call out fee of £10, payable on the day of the call out, to cover petrol costs. Our engineers costs are £60 per hour.

Taking Care of Business

We offer competitve prices and a great service which many homes and businesses have come to rely on.


For larger jobs we can provide an initial meeting where we will provide you with an estimated quote. If you are happy with the quote we will then carry out the job as agreed.

Power of the cloud

We do undertake larger projects so please get in touch to discuss this further and tell us what your plan is to see if we can help.


IT Support London